Session Code of Conduct


At The Sapien, we uphold our core values to the highest degree to ensure the best possible session experience for all. All participants must adhere to our Session Code of Conduct stated below. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from all future sessions. 

On Your Side: 

  • Disrespectful treatment of other participants or hosts is unacceptable.

  • Participants should not interrupt a speaker at any point.

  • No participant at any point is permitted to take photographs/videos/voice recordings of other participants or hosts. 

  • Filling the Google form does not bind participants to attend every session.

  • Participants may share their social media if they wish to do so.


*Should you believe any participant is violating the above, please raise your concern to us via email.


From Our Side:

  • No participant at any point is required to speak if they wish not to.

  • No participant at any point is required to turn on their camera if they wish not to.

  • No participant at any point is required to share any personal information with the hosts or other participants.

  • Participants who indicated on the Google form that they do not give permission to be in our media will be pixelated in group photographs/videos.

  • No participant should be coerced in any way to attend sessions.

  • All participants are equal and will be treated as such, regardless of nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion and country of residence.

  • We aim to give all participants approximately equal speaking opportunities and durations.


Session Content:

Our hosts strive to provide insightful, accurate and interesting points on the session topic, ensuring participants leave having learned something new. While we do not aim to ‘teach’ participants about a topic, we do bring background and context to a topic to facilitate the discussion.  


  • All session presentation content is original and researched and prepared by the hosts and guest speakers.

  • The hosts and guest speakers are secondary school or university students, not professionals in the field so presented points will not be overly specific.

  • We acknowledge that we may make minor inaccuracies, please do bear with us and should you wish to raise a concern, please contact us via email.