FAQs About Our Sessions
The most frequently asked questions about our sessions! If you still have any queries, please contact us and we'll be happy to address it.


Do I need to prepare anything for the sessions or have prior knowledge of the topic?

Not at all! We are all here to learn and grow together.

Are the sessions very academic or serious?

The aim of our sessions is to create a fun, engaging and interactive learning environment and we present the topics in a very accessible way so there is nothing to worry about!

Do I need to say something or turn on my camera if I don’t want to?

Definitely not! You have the chance to speak if you want to and there is no pressure if you don’t feel too confident. Nevertheless, we do encourage you to contribute to the discussion as everyone always has something special to bring to the table.
Equally, turning on your camera is not mandatory however it's always lovely to see everyone's faces!

Are your sessions similar to debates, panel discussions or lessons?

Our sessions are NOT: -Debates (Our aim is not to find a winning side nor is it to test your ability to argue points, theyre just an open space for you to share what you think) -Panel discussions (A core aspect of our sessions is interactivity. Guest speakers presenting a topic followed by a brief participant QnA is not how our sessions work. In our Open Discussion segment, all participants are invited to share their inputs, fostering an interactive discussion -Lessons (Although participants learn about the topic at hand, the hosts/guest speakers are not teaching. Informal learning is what takes place outside the classroom in settings like these!)

If I sign up, do I need to attend all the sessions?

No you don't! We understand as fellow students that we have many committments, thus feel free to come to sessions when you're available. Nevertheless, we encourage you to commit to as many as you can to be eligible for exclusive benefits. Please visit our Homo Membership System page to learn more!

Who can join The Sapien sessions?

Our sessions are open to anyone under the age of 25 regardless of nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion or geographic location!

How do I join The Sapien sessions?

Simply go to our Sessions page and fill the form! From then on you’ll receive emails directly for all upcoming sessions and once you sign up once, you don't need to again as you will already be a member. Check out our session schedule to see when they're taking place!

What do you talk about in your sessions?

We describe our session topics as 'human-centered' which means we speak about anything that concerns humanity and society, from philosophical questions, current social issues, to everything in between! There's always something for everyone. Check out our Past Sessions page for previous topics. If you'd like to suggest a topic for a session, drop us an email and we'll definitely consider it!

How long are the sessions and what's the structure?

They are 40 minutes long and take place fortnightly, usually at 3PM CET. Please see our session calendar to view the schedule! Session structure follows a brief introduction, a presentation of the main points by the hosts/guest speakers, the open discussion where all participants are invited to share their own inputs, and finally, a conclusion of the points discussed.

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