Check out photos from our past sessions and what our members thought of us!

"This has been the perfect opportunity to meet and discuss with passionate peers on the subject of many a topic affecting our current lives. I’ve learned to speak my mind more coherently, as well as understand the many perspectives that members bring. The Sapien is unique in that it’s managed to create a comforting environment to discuss heavy matters. You never feel out of bounds or unheard. I’m actually stunned every time by the eloquence and bright minds of my fellow Sapien members. You meet brilliant people here. I highly recommend it for the sake of genuine discussion."

-Kate, Belgium

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"Intriguing topics, thought provoking discussions, the most diverse community of students you could ask for, all in one package! Truly a great place to learn, discuss, debate, and question all about the human sciences"

-Kai, Japan

"The sessions are entertaining and knowledgeable! Everyone gets the chance to share their ideas and beliefs making each session very communicative."

-Sahnon, Qatar

"Really great people and engaging conversation! Highly recommend The Sapien to anyone interested in learning about the social sciences or simply looking for a cool way to meet new people and share your thoughts! Everyone is super respectful about each other’s opinions and open minded while hearing from an opposing view. Couldn’t be happier about being a member :)"

-Grace, USA

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