Meet the Team Behind it All! 
We're always open to grow our team! If you'd like to inquire about positions, please send us an email.


Natalie Magness | Founder, Executive Director & Co-host

Hi! I'm Natalie, a 1st Year Human Sciences student at University College London interested in social entrepreneurship, youth and women empowerment, and using the skills and resources I possess to create positive change in my community. As a Malaysian with a hint of Chinese ethnicity raised in Qatar, an extremely diverse nation, my third-culture identity has molded me into a global citizen passionate about making connections but also exposing me to the hardships others face, reinforcing my desire to use my privileged position to help others. I strive to infuse my multicultural upbringing with my creativity, academic and musical abilities to empower those around me and positively impact my community. My other interests include playing the piano, listening to classical music and Japanese pop, and trying foods from different cultures!


I am extremely grateful to be able to work with such wonderful people and I hope for our team and participants to continue growing in future months!


I would love to see you in our next session! :)

Faris Zebib | Vice Executive Director, Director of Newsletter & Co-host


Hey! I'm Faris Zebib. I am a Highschool senior of Belgian/Lebanese descent and I am currently residing in Belgium. The Sapien is a project that gives students around the globe a chance to express themselves, share their own personal knowledge and receive introductions into a wide spectrum of subjects.


That’s why I took an interest in this project, an opportunity to unite with other students from around the world discussing science, philosophy, humanities and a plethora of other interesting topics.I initially began as a participant in The Sapien however with the exponential growth of the platform this has become a team project shared between Natalie and I. We hope The Sapien continues its growth in hopes of inspiring more students around the world to question, reflect and explore the vast world we live in.


My passion is learning and exploring scientific and philosophical notions, boring I know, and maybe a little more interesting, I play chess and explore European landscapes with my German shepherd when possible.I hope to see you in the following sessions!

Wendy Williams Director of Social Media

Hiya! I’m Wendy-Louise, an a-level student from the UK studying the sciences and arts. I am a passionate climate activist, LGBTQ+ supporter and community volunteer who hopes to see a future filled with sustainability and equality for all.

The Sapien is a forward focused group of ingenious individuals that I am incredibly grateful to be working with. No matter what corner of the world you may originate from, the Sapien is an accepting community that’ll guide you along the way (:

Besides my interests in new technologies and philosophies, I am a keen writer - having many penpals and short stories - and language learner. I am currently learning Russian and Japanese, whilst already being able to speak French and German. I also love spending my free time enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature - whether that be walking, hiking or cycling (:


Have a wonderful day and stay safe!



Alexia Schmidt | Director of Social Media

Hey, I'm Alexia! I’m currently a senior at high school in France, still deciding on what exactly I want to study, but open to all possibilities! I am Chinese, German and French and really appreciate the diversity that The Sapien offers.


I love The Sapien since it introduces us to new aspects of concepts we know and offers us a deeper understanding of them so that we learn all while discussing with new cool people.

I decided to take part in this project as I am confident The Sapien will continuously blossom into something marvelous.In my free time I enjoy running  and swimming as well as reading and meeting with friends.


 If you are like me, curious about the world and trying to figure out what you want to do, I can only encourage you to come to our next session:)


Grace Horton | Director of Newsletter

Hey! My name is Grace, a mixed kid - African American and Caucasian - from Washington D.C., USA. I’m currently a student at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) studying ancient history & archaeology and social anthropology. Natalie found and introduced me to The Sapien -- definitely the highlight of my year!


The Sapien is a special community of international students that I’m very grateful to be a part of. Whether you want to share your experience, opinion, or propose new ideas, your voice becomes a valuable part of the community. You have the chance to meet new people you may never have met otherwise and you get to challenge the boundaries of your knowledge and understanding of the world.


Outside of The Sapien I love to paint, hike, travel, watch horror movies with my friends, and simply spend time outside.


I hope you decide to join us as we’d love to meet you!



Fadia Wissem | Director of Website

Hi! I’m Fadia Wissem, a 17 year old senior in high school in Qatar, though I am of Algerian origin. I’d consider myself a very curious person, so I love to learn about the world and its meaning be it through books, youtube videos or other forms of media. when i’m not falling down a wikipedia rabbit hole, I also love painting, writing and baking. (I make some pretty good cookies if i do say so myself (: )

I joined my first session of the Sapiens in February of 2021, after which i was hooked. I was drawn to the way it allowed so many people of different backgrounds to connect and learn from one another in a welcoming, open atmosphere that allows you to honestly share your knowledge - or lack thereof - on a variety of intriguing subjects ranging from sociology and philosophy to science and tech.


since then, i’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Sapiens community expand and be recognized by many more people and organizations; and thus i’m very excited to now be joining the team in the website department and hope to see the project continue to grow and accomplish its mission. Look forward to meeting you all in session! :)


Nora Kaul Hoelgaard | Director of Outreach, Europe

Hi, my name is Nora Kaul Hoelgaard. I am 17 and I go by she/her. I am half Austrian, half Danish, currently living in Brussels and a senior in High School.


I have always been a very open-minded and interested person, wanting to learn about the outside world, the different cultures, traditions, and languages. I am immensely invested in our current politics regarding international relations, human rights, and climate change. I really hope that one day I can make a change in this world! I am so excited to join The Sapien and be part of such a diverse team with so many incredible, intelligent people.


Join our sessions to explore themes that you are interested in, or want to learn more about and have the platform to talk freely and share your opinion. We are excited to start this new season and we hope that you will join us!



Ezio Zebib | Director of Outreach, Africa


Hey I’m Ezio I live in Lebanon. I’m a college student studying electronics, I was introduced to The Sapien by Faris and saw it as an opportunity to share and hear the perspectives of students from all over the globe; it’s a good chance to learn about important topics and share your own thoughts.


Being in a community where you can give your opinions and speak your mind without being judged is one of the many reasons I love The Sapien, maybe The Sapien is still a small community but having more the one mindset in one place can really make a difference in the Society and world we live in. Besides, while nothing comes easy I'm confident we will make a difference. 

We live in a world that is full of mysteries information and knowledge and I’m a kind of person that likes to learn as much I can and I’m always in pursuit of knowledge.

Outside The Sapien I like doing parkour, playing video games and searching about history, archaeology and culture and spending some quality time with my family and friends.


I hope you join our sessions at The Sapien.


Dominique Parado | Director of Outreach, North and South America and Oceania

Hi! I'm Dominique, a sophomore in college studying management economics in the Philippines. I’m interested in community building and development hand-in-hand with environmental sustainability, especially through youth-led movements. I’m constantly looking for educational aids that can help me foster communities of strength, sustainability, and synergy which is a reason why I joined The Sapien.


The Sapien provides a great opportunity to learn about what it means to be a community that respects and empowers individuality and diversity. The eagerness and receptiveness of the members is something I look forward to in every session!:)


Josefine Deumer | Director of Graphic Design

I'm Josefine, a highschool junior from Germany. To me, the Sapien is a great project that connects people from all around the globe who share common interests and a passion for learning. Furthermore, it gives students from all different ethnicities and backgrounds the chance to discuss thrilling topics and share their own thoughts.


I've been introduced to The Sapien by Faris, and took it as a chance to share my passion for debate and to meet like-minded people. At this time I did not know how lucky I was to get the chance to participate but by the time I joined, I felt so welcome and grateful!


Except for debating, I enjoy playing the piano and cello, playing tennis and dancing and going for long walks in my free time.


I hope you'll be joining the next session!



Lena Muhsen | Director of Outreach

Hi! My name is Lena, a Palestinian living in Qatar. At the moment, I'm an A-level student studying sciences. Thanks to Fadia, I have got the opportunity to join The Sapien: a very welcoming community where people from all around the world can discuss their opinions and thoughts in a free manner about several topics.
As a curious person, The Sapien intrigued me into wanting to get to know the opinions and thoughts of people with different backgrounds and experiences. 
Outside the Sapien, I like to play the piano and violin, paint and draw, search about history and culture or go for a run in my free time. 

I hope you decide to join our sessions at The Sapien!


Rebecca Magness | Discord moderator


Yo! It's me Rebecca:) I'm a Malaysian-Chinese student, born and raised in Qatar! I have a passion for singing, meditating and watching netflix! I've joined the Sapien since day one and I found it a great place to interact with others and discuss things you love! From people all over the globe, you learn new things, while still getting a point of view from different people from different backgrounds, opinions and more! As much as The Sapien had so many different people, I felt right at home!


See ya at the next session<3